Head Editor/Effectrix Leader
Erika Lee is a   senior who enjoys playing tennis and volleyball, hanging out with friends, reading, and writing 
 Social Media Advocate

Catherine Hansen is a Sophomore who enjoys playing golf, photography, drawing, and playing the piano.


Liam Thomas loves taking nature photos. As well as have some experience with laying out websites. I also dabbled a bit in the past with photography and yearbook design at Radcliff Creek School.

Jessica White

Jessica White is a freshman. She has two brothers. A twin brother named James and an older brother named Richard. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and traveling.

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Eliot Bamford is an English teacher and Advisor for the Effectrix Club since 2019. Originally from Nottingham, England moving here in 1998. He enjoys listening to indie rock playlists, podcast, and NPR radio station. He also coaches, plays, and enjoys watching football (soccer). 

Eliot Bamford
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Maren Kneeland is the president in the 9th grade student government association. She enjoys drawing, writing, politics, and keeping up with foreign affairs. 

Maren Kneeland