White Team- Ode to the Seniors

There once was a time in 2014

when 42 came by boat.

On the shores of Corsica River they're seen

on skiffs, barely afloat.

They’d sign the pledge and shake our hands.

But unbeknownst to them,

the journey lie rough ahead

from Calc to AP Chem.

The last class to recall the days

of lunches in the gym.

And one of the last who ran through AB

Or detention from Mr. Linn!

So sure, it’s true, the school defined 'em

That I can’t refute

But the fact that they defined the us

That is absolute

Whether it was a juke on the field

Or slick moves on the court,

Diligence in the atrium

(Though Senioritis may make them fall short...)

As a class they’re kings of the school,

But that’s not why we love them.

Their individuality

is what makes the class a gem.

Lila is our crossword master

And morning meeting speaker

Compared to Garrett on the erg

Everyone is weaker...

Heidi drains her foul shots,

Our photo expert is T(irza)

Sam Johnson builds old wooden boats

And Emma makes fun of me.

Not only that, but our birthday girl

Is also a loco llama,

Gilly’s our rising weather girl,

And Steve’s the champ of kendama.

Simon, your dry sense of humor

Will never become hackneyed.

Robert, thanks for spotting me

Recently at ACME…

Have you heard on the lax field

Max Cao’s barbaric yell?

Alli can hack a computer:

Whether Acer, Mac or Dell!

Cubby serves like Andy Roddick

120 miles an hour

Jack can fix mechanical things

And won’t shut up about horsepower!

Kobe has the smoothest 3

Neel has the best barber,

Mary likes trucks and horses,

And Dutch will be a farmer.

Art protege of Mr. Dize,

Grace is very skilled

To do the homework I assign

Nick Li is always thrilled…

Hope has an affinity for socks,

Naix for Xbox’s Halo,

Henry can’t grow pumpkins,

But claims failure is in (if you say so…)

Nat can throw more top-spin

Than Sampras ever could

I predict Tanner will lead the push

for DelMarVa’s statehood.

To school Rick arrives an hour late

In a Tonka truck

Ambassador to Sephora lotions

Will be Betty (with any luck)

Oliver can serenade us

With the Mendez song called stitches

I once heard Lily say to her friends

Y'all are all my...friends

Susie is a ballerina

And also ballet coach,

Crystal Liu I haven’t met you,

But I’m not that hard to approach.

Rose you are sweeter than

Lemonade and sweet tea,

I’m still waiting on your paradigm

Brennan Roise Paddy…

To UMBC Newberg is bound

From rower to retriever

Though they made history this March

In the Hoos I’m still a believer.

Ryleigh throws a mean softball

No one’s hipper than Papa

Jacob’s the next Pavarotti

Yoanz has roots in Addis Ababa!

Joey whenever I see you

I cannot help but sing,

Mitch it’s undeniable

In chess, you are the king.

Charlotte though you did escape

The yearbook from last year

There’s no way we’d ever forget you.

Yalls graduation will bring me tears.

So those are our Seniors,

This: the ode from white team

To ye eldest Gunston kids - 

The class of 2018.

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