"The Beginning of the End" by Arienna Trinados

What happens during the fall? During fall birds fly south for the winter. There are more squirrels around collecting food for the winter. Leaves start to change color right before they brush in the wind as they fall down from the trees and crunch under your feet. You can start to smell the leaves as they are decaying into the earth. Did you know that it takes only about a week after the leaves start to change color for them to fall on the ground?  Some people think this season is called “fall” because the earth is tilting away from the sun while others think it is because leaves are falling from the trees.

During fall you can feel the last of the summer sun gently touching your skin as you take your last walks outside in flip flops. The days start to become shorter; the nights become longer. You can no longer hear the birds chirping or the bees buzzing. When you sleep, you can sometimes feel the cold starting to bite you. 

Going inside your home, there is the nice and warm apple pie that just came out of the oven, and cold apple cider fresh from the farmers market just waiting to be eaten. You can snuggle up in a nice cozy blanket by the fireplace, read a relaxing book, or watch a scary movie with your family. 

Fall has quite a few exciting holidays people celebrate. Some being Thanksgiving and Halloween. In the Halloween season, kids like to carve big round pumpkins, dress up in spooky costumes, and go around trick or treating in their neighborhood. During Thanksgiving people like to gather around with their family, friends, and others to enjoy eating a huge feast of food. The foods include turkey, gravy, stuffing, and green beans. All of the members at the table will be thinking about the things they are grateful for. 

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