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"Clue" A Review By: Erika Lee

The process of choosing the play for the students to do this year was a lengthy process and in the works for months. Ms. Newell was the director of the play while Mr. Weimer was the assistant director of the play. This was in the works for months when it came to making the final decision for the drama department at Gunston. Mrs. Newell was wanting to do a comedy this year because she felt she needed something fresh and amusing that would entertain the school instead of depressing people with sad dramas. She was interested in this play specifically because of the suspense, humor, and the plot twist that would shock people. Mr. Weimer agreed with many of the things Ms. Newell said about this play. He has always helped out with the play as long as the class of 2021 has been here.

When I first heard what play they were doing, I thought about the board game Clue. I had no idea that there was a play made into it. I briefly heard what it was about by asking my fellow friend Avy (who was also in the play). She just told me it was a murder mystery and that’s all I knew about it. I believed it was more interesting than last year's Gunston play. I was very excited to see a murder mystery because I myself am a true crime junkie. I very much enjoy watching and reading about unsolved murders along with missing persons cases. I thought each character did a very good job with their part. I was especially impressed by Sevrin and Avy’s characters. This is because they were type casted and it just fit their personality so much. Everyone who was involved in this play did an amazing job. From the directors to the actors and everyone involved in the stage crew. Overall, I would say this was a success and hope it will be as much of a success next year as it was this year.

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