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Cause and Effects: Bay Bridge Construction: By Erika Lee

As the Maryland Transportation Authority works around the clock to rehabilitate the westbound lane of the Bay Bridge, the traffic has been substantial. I went around interviewing three students who live on the Western Shore asking them about the construction and its effects on their daily schedules. I interviewed Owen Santora, Morgan Greer, and Avy Aubin. Avy exclaimed ”construction is insane” and Owen said the construction has driven him ”to the point of complete frustration considering all of us travel a long distance to go across the bridge every day.” They haven’t been able to get work in on time or have any free time due to being stuck in heavy traffic every day.

Avy and Owen think they should not expand the bridge or build a new bridge because the construction would be ”worse than it already is.” However, Morgan thinks they should add a few lanes to either one or both of the bridges going eastbound and westbound extending bridge length. All three of them suggested different solutions to reduce the volume of traffic. Owen suggests to open up the ferry again to transport people and cars if traffic gets to horrendous to drive in. Morgan and Owen think Anne Arundel County needs to make the Bay Bridge construction one of its top three priorities. Another item mentioned by Avy and Morgan is people who take the Kent Island and Annapolis bus should leave at 2:30 on Fridays to avoid the bumper to bumper traffic when traveling westbound causing them to get home at an unreasonable hour.

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