Apr 19, 2018

From the Photography & EcoEkphrastic Workshops on Earth Day at Gunston- The Gunston School

Check out the work Gunston students did today in the photography and writing workshop, led by photo instructor Jess Newell and poets David Miller and Amanda Newell. At the beginning of the session, students were introduced to the basic principles of ecopoetry, and Jess Newell offered a quick lesson in best photography practices before students went outside to explore the natural world through the camera lens.

Apr 17, 2018

House On Fire- Cora Duncan

Setting me afire.

Taking my attention

from what is real.

You are my existence,

dear flame.

You take over.

You play with my heart strings.

I miss it --

having my vessel be my own.

Mar 28, 2018

Today is the Day- Abby Silva

Today is the day

The day it all will be okay

the day you turn the page

finish the story

and close the book

Maybe for a week or a month or the rest of time

Today is the day

The day to go wild

Just for a while

Who cares who sees

Today is the day

The day to take life to a new level

not just exist

Mar 09, 2018

Haft Sin- Isabella Santoboni


I consider myself quite informed when it comes to current events, and I try to be conscientious about respecting other cultures. However, when I walked into math class earlier this week and was greeted with a table full of assorted objects and foreign foods, I was intrigued and surprised. My Algebra 2 teacher is from Iran and he brought with him his passion for math and his hometown traditions, one of which is Haft Sin, observed by most Iranians- Haft Sin is a thirteen-day period of reflection. It is believed that if one values reflection then he or she will travel to the conceptual realm.

Mar 05, 2018

You Can't Name an Experience- Hunter Mansfield, Art by- Ellie Merton

by Hunter Mansfield:

This artwork, by Ellie Merton, has no name. “It does not have a name,” she says, “because you can’t name an experience.” This is a testament to the emotion apparent in the many shifting faces of the fruit images. We see euphoria, sadness, confusion, melancholy, and even sympathy in the expressions of the oranges. But the lemon’s face? It is one of fascination, maybe from witnessing its peers and their emotions. Perhaps this is a metaphor: sometimes, in a chaotic setting, it might be best to relax and asses the situation--to ponder what it’s like to be a lemon in a world of oranges.

Feb 22, 2018

Vulpine- Rion McCluskey

If you are one who seeks to view the world from a completely different, maybe even non-human perspective, “Vulpine” is worth a read. This piece is crafted in a way which causes the reader to reflect on the kind of life we should strive to live. Traveling back to the sentiments of the Romantic writers, it highlights the clarity that the natural world provides. Toni McCluskey reinforces this idea through the use of stunning imagery, allowing the reader to “melt into the wilderness." The Effectrix team is ecstatic to debut "Vulpine," a story whose message is as beautiful as its writing. ​

Feb 12, 2018


Welcome to the Effectrix blog! This will become a new platform for us to share art, poetry, stories, photography and other works made by and for the Gunston community. If you are interested in submitting any work for our blog and our magazine that will be coming out at the end of the school year, then send us your work at effectrix@gunston.org. We look forward to sharing your work with the Gunston community!​

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